The ElliptiFit workout is a revolutionary program designed to give you a serious workout in a short 45 minute class.


This is the first location in the world to offer a fitness class of this type. So if you have tried it all and are ready for something different, it’s time to try one of our elliptical classes. We provide one thing–a high energy, low impact calorie-busting workout.


Join ElliptiFit classmates for a group fitness class that engages your upper body, lower body, and core while raising your pulse and toning muscle–all on an elliptical machine.  Every class is lead by highly trained ElliptiFit certified trainers and is synchronized to a killer soundtrack.


Our instructors propel you though the most innovative fitness ritual in the city and make sure that you leave our studio energized and pumped up.


ElliptiFit classes are conducted on elliptical machines, so every student can adjust the intensity of their workouts to meet their own needs. The machines are easy on the joints, and offer high intensity with low impact. Most importantly, we offer classes for every fitness level.


And lest we forget, this class is going to make you sweat, so bring water and a towel!


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